Monday, April 27, 2009

a wednesday- The Movie

A big salutation to the director of this film NEERAJ PANDEY.
A brilliant performance by NASEERUDIN SHAH & ANUPAM KHER
No doubt they are the well versed masters!!!!
JIMMY SHERGILL's role suits his rough and tough face.
Overall, to say about the film, a stunning performance with unexpected twists and turns which makes the viewer to go through nail biting situations

Karunanidhi's New Plan Of Action For The Sake Of Election

Cartoonian Strictly Condemn The Shoe Fling Incident On PM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rajapakse's Wilder Days!

IPL Waves Throughout The World

Indian Schools Turn Out To Be Nightmares!

Cartoonian strictly condemns the cruel act of the teacher at Municipal Corporation Primary School, Delhi. 
And also pays homage to the 11-year old Shanno who passed away due to the cruel act of the teacher. 
It's high time for us to revise the basic school education. 
That is to be transformed from syllabus-oriented education to value-oriented education.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

NATO's 60th Anniversary- A Sombre Occasion

The 60th Anniversary Summit of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was on Saturday marred by violent protests in north-eastern French City of Strasbourg, where the meeting is being held, and across th river on German side.

World Toilet Day

World is still watching us And... We India have miles to go...